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SUV, Large Truck and School Bus Collision Kills One

On August 16, 2013, a collision in which a large truck hit an SUV (sports utility vehicle) head-on caused mayhem in the Florida Panhandle. 

Investigators state that the semi-truck crossed the center line near the intersection of Stewart and Magnolia in Milton, Florida. The SUV spun around clockwise and collided with a school bus. No one was injured on the bus, but several other victims were rushed to area hospitals. The SUV driver was pronounced dead at the scene. 

In this particular case, liability seems clear. However, in many other large truck accidents, fault can be very difficult to establish. In a serious accident with catastrophic injuries, it is very important for a Florida truck accident attorney to intervene as quickly as possible and begin gathering evidence: 

  • Black box: Somewhat similar to a flight data recorder in a commercial jet, a semi-truck’s black box contains information about the driver’s recent driving history, mainly the truck’s mileage and the number of hours that the diver has been driving.
  • Truck: An attorney should examine both the truck’s damage and damage to the road, such as skid marks and damaged guardrails.
  • Your injuries: Large truck accidents often cause serious injuries, such as spinal trauma, severe burns or a serious brain injury, which demand immediate and special medical attention.
  • Driving records: The driving records of all persons involved, as well as the trucking company’s maintenance records and personnel files, required by federal and state law, must be preserved.  Time is of the essence and these documents are critical pieces of evidence when your case goes to court. 

An experienced attorney can combine these seemingly unrelated pieces of evidence to build a persuasive case to present to an insurance adjuster, a mediator and/or a jury.

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