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Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Orange County

On September 27, 2013, a Florida motorcycle rider was killed in a collision in Orange County. 

Authorities state that 33-year-old Tarrick Carlton was riding near the intersection of 24th and Rio Grande in Orlando when Mr. Carlton’s bike struck a vehicle that was attempting to turn left. Mr. Carlton was ejected from the motorcycle, which crumpled under the force of the impact. He was soon pronounced dead. 

Insurance arrangements are pending as the case is still under investigation. There are a number of differences between motorcycle insurance and automobile insurance, some of which many riders and potential riders may not know. 

Motorcycle insurance

Even a low-speed motorcycle accident, such as the one involving Mr. Carlton, can cause serious damage to both the biker and the bike. But the damage tends to be localized to the immediate participants in the collision. So, while a driver must carry additional property damage and personal injury auto insurance, Florida insurance law is different for motorcycles: 

  • Property damage insurance is only required on motorcycles if the rider has to prove financial responsibility due to a history of traffic violations or an unpaid judgment. A motorcycle may cause little or no damage to another vehicle even in a serious collision.
  • Personal injury protection is not required on a motorcycle insurance policy and is sometimes not even available on such a policy. The motorcycle rider is often the only seriously injured party.
  • To operate a motorcycle without headgear, the rider must take out an additional $10,000 injury policy due to the additional risk. 

A Florida motorcycle accident attorney can provide more details about the paperwork and the perils of operating a motorcycle in Central Florida.

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