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Key Steps to Take After a Florida Car Accident

If you get behind the wheel of a car, chances are that at some point in your life, you will be involved in an auto accident. Every year, there are approximately 10 million car collisions in the United States, and in most cases, these accidents are non-fatal and do not involve serious injuries. However, regardless of how minor a crash might seem at first, it’s important to take the proper steps after an accident to protect yourself.

Immediately after a car accident, call the police. Officers will create an official accident report, which can be instrumental if you need to file an insurance claim or seek compensation for injuries or property damage from the responsible parties and their insurance companies. 

Also exchange information with the other people involved, including names, phone numbers, license plate numbers, addresses and insurance information. If another driver offers to simply pay you cash rather than go through their insurance company, do not accept this offer. You might have injuries that do not show symptoms immediately, such as whiplash, and your failure to go through the proper channels might affect any possible monetary recovery in the future.

Additionally, no matter how guilty you might feel or how upset the other driver is, do not apologize or make any admissions of fault. You may not have an accurate understanding of who caused the accident, and these statements could cost you dearly later on. 

If there were witnesses who observed the accident, talk to them and record their names, contact information and any accident details they can provide. Their perspective may be helpful for the responding police officer, your insurance company and your attorney.

If you can, take pictures of any vehicle damage. By documenting as much information about the incident as possible, you will spare yourself time and hassle later when your insurance company is processing the claim.

For accidents that result in serious injuries to you or a loved one, call on a skilled auto accident attorney in Citrus County. You may be able to seek damages to cover the costs of treating your injuries. 

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