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Drive Safely Around Commercial Motor Vehicles

Drive Safely Around Commercial Motor Vehicles

As part of Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ “Share the Road” campaign, the state agency is encouraging drivers to be more aware of the safety needs of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) while on the road.

CMVs include buses, semi-trucks and other larger vehicles that have certain operating limitations, such as long stopping distances, limited maneuverability and large blind spots. These limitations make it important for other drivers to use extra caution when sharing the roadway with these vehicles.

The following are some tips for motorists that can help them avoid serious crashes involving CMVs while on Florida’s roads and highways:

  • Stay out of trucks’ blind spots whenever possible. There are large blind spots directly in front of, behind and on either side of the vehicles.
  • Avoid tailgating in general — and especially around CMVs. If you tailgate, you will be in the vehicle’s blind spot and can crash into it if it has to stop unexpectedly.
  • Understand how drivers of CMVs make right turns. Larger vehicles may need to swing out to the left before turning back to the right. Do not attempt to drive between the CMV and the curb in these situations. The driver will not be able to see you.
  • Pass trucks on the left to ensure maximum visibility. Leave plenty of space in front of the truck when merging back to the right.
  • Stay to the right side of your lane and do not speed up if a truck is attempting to pass you.
  • Leave some extra space between you and the truck if you are stopped at a light behind one on an upward slope in case the CMV drifts backward before starting to move forward. If you stay to the left side of your lane, the driver will be able to see that you are stopped behind the vehicle.

Accidents involving CMVs can be particularly dangerous due to the sheer size and weight of these vehicles. If you have been involved in a Florida truck accident, contact a skilled personal injury attorney at Largey Law.

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