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Why You Should Visit a Doctor After Even a Minor Car Accident

Why You Should Visit a Doctor After Even a Minor Car Accident

Sometimes in the confusion that follows a car crash, drivers, passengers and pedestrians put the needs of more obviously injured people first, failing to take the time to care for themselves. This can be a serious mistake, affecting both your health and your ability to recover compensation. If you are involved in an auto accident in Florida, you should be evaluated by a doctor as soon as possible, even if you don’t think you are injured or your injuries seem minor.

Adrenaline can play an important role in masking injuries. As part of the fight-or-flight response that kicks in when occurs stressful event occurs, the body pumps out adrenaline (also called epinephrine), which can block pain receptors and cause other physiological changes that keep an injured person up and moving. Not all accident injuries are immediately apparent, and sometimes shock prevents victims from feeling the true pain they’ve experienced until after the road is cleared and everyone goes their separate ways. Whiplash and other spinal problems can go undetected, and even victims of serious traumatic injuries may not realize how hurt they are.

When accident victims do not make it a priority to visit a doctor, they may find themselves with late-onset symptoms and lasting pain, and their injuries can become significantly worse over time. In a legal context, it may be difficult to prove that injuries were caused by an auto accident and that resulting medical bills should be covered by insurance. Florida law requires personal injury protection (PIP) insurance claims to be made within 14 days after an accident.

If the time frame for making a claim passes before you visit a doctor, you can face significant barriers to achieving financial help for your medical bills. Getting a medical evaluation after your accident allows a doctor to diagnose and treat any injuries you might otherwise miss and provide a record of that treatment that will be essential in any insurance or personal injury claim.

The attorneys at Largey Law are well-versed in Florida’s personal injury laws and have handled many negotiations and court cases related to both minor and serious auto accidents. If you need legal assistance after being hurt in a car crash, call us at 352.508.1485 or contact us online to arrange a free initial consultation. Largey Law has offices in Clermont, Tavares and Inverness.

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