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Experienced Lawyers Defend Youths in Tavares, Inverness and Clermont

Protecting your child’s rights in Florida’s juvenile justice system

At least in theory, the juvenile justice system emphasizes rehabilitation instead of punishment. Parents, counselors, mental health experts, educators and community organizations can offer input and provide assistance with rehabilitative programs. Adjudication in juvenile court is not a slap on the wrist, however. Your child faces penalties in the short run and damaging consequences for her or his long-term future. Largey Law guides minors and their families through the juvenile courts in Lake, Sumter, Citrus and surrounding Central Florida counties. Our criminal defense attorneys are former public defenders who share a passion for justice.

Juvenile’s crimes are included in Florida’s score sheet

Our law firm considers the impact that your child’s adjudication in juvenile court can have on a criminal sentencing in later years as an adult. Under the Florida Criminal Punishment Code, convictions add points to your sentencing score sheet based on a number of criteria, including the severity of the offense, history of prior convictions, sentence enhancements and firearm use. During a sentencing, the judge relies on the points tallied on this score sheet. A person’s juvenile record is scored and included in the calculation if:

  • The person was adjudicated delinquent for an offense that was committed within five years of the offense for which he or she is now being sentenced.
  • The juvenile offense was a sex crime, even if committed more than five years before the current offense, if the defendant has not remained conviction-free for five consecutive years since release from confinement, supervision or sanction.

A strong defense can protect your child’s rights and preserve his or her bright future.

Working to keep your child off the sexual offender registry

Upon an adjudication of delinquency, a teen who was 14 or older at the time of committing a qualifying sex offense must register as a sexual offender or predator. The teen must report to the county sheriff’s office four times per year and is listed on the public registry website. Being on the sex offender registry can interfere with your child’s ability to find a job, attend college or interact with children. One of our main goals is to keep your child off the registry.

Mitigating legal consequences of underage drinking and drug use

Many, if not most, kids go through stages when they feel invincible and rebellious. Drugs and alcohol can be a big part of that culture. Besides being dangerous, illicit drug use and underage drinking are illegal. Depending on the crime, your child may face suspension from school, detention in a juvenile facility and loss of driving privileges. However, even worse is that your child’s safety, health and well-being are at risk. Though they may think they are, kids are not immune to alcohol or drug-related accidents and long-term dependency issues. Our legal team advises you on legal options that minimize the criminal consequences and help you get substance abuse treatment, mental health counseling or other programs appropriate for your child.

Protect your child’s future by taking aggressive action against juvenile charges

To get your child the legal help she or he needs, call Largey Law at 352.508.1485 or contact the firm online. Your first consultation is free, and we can schedule weekend and evening appointments. From our offices in Tavares, Inverness and Clermont, our lawyers represent juveniles throughout Central Florida. We can meet you in your home or at your child’s detention facility. Se habla español.