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Skilled Legal Team Fights Restraining Orders in Clermont, Inverness and Tavares, FL

Protecting your good name and your liberty

Even if you’ve never been arrested, you can lose a significant degree of liberty, along with your good name, if someone files for an order of protection against you. Restraining orders are supposed to protect victims of violence, but in our practice of more than 25 years, we’ve seen restraining orders used time and again to target individuals for a variety of purposes. That’s why Largey Law is committed to providing aggressive defense for individuals who have been targeted for an order of protection. We provide capable legal representation at court hearings to protect your rights to due process.

What types of restraining orders are available in Florida?

There are four types of “orders of protection against violence,” which we know commonly as restraining orders, geared toward different scenarios in which violence might take place. They are:

  • Domestic violence — An order of protection against domestic violence covers instances of violence by one household member upon another. Persons with standing to file include spouses; former spouses; persons related by blood or marriage, including minors; any person who is or was residing within a single dwelling with petitioner as if a family; or a person with whom the petitioner has a child in common, regardless of marriage or cohabitation.
  • Repeat violence — This order does not require a domestic relationship. The petitioner must testify that there has been two instances of violence by the person to be restrained.
  • Dating violence — This order covers persons who have or have had a continuing romantic relationship. A person who has been the object of violence has standing to petition, as do the parents of a minor who is the object of dating violence.
  • Sexual violence — This order is meant to protect anyone who has been the victim of one incident of sexual battery; a lewd or lascivious act committed upon, or in the presence of, a person younger than 16; luring or enticing a child’s sexual performance; or any other forcible felony where a sexual act is committed or attempted. The victim or the parents of a minor victim have standing to file.

In many instances, you could be targeted for a restraining order, limiting your ability to reside where you want, to come and go as you please and to see people who are dear to you, without any criminal charges ever being filed. Before you accept those restrictions, see a capable criminal defense attorney in Clermont, Inverness or Tavares.

Get aggressive representation for restraining orders in Clermont, Inverness and Tavares, FL

Protect your liberty and your good name. Talk to an experienced attorney who can defend your rights. Call Largey Law today at 352.508.1485 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation. We maintain office locations in Tavares, Inverness and Clermont. Se habla español.