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Recovering Compensation for Dog Bites & Animal Attacks in Clermont, Inverness and Tavares

Understand your legal options in the wake of an animal attack

At first glance, you might not think the victim of an animal attack has any recourse to seek financial compensation for his or her injuries. After all, one cannot bring a lawsuit against a dog or other vicious animal. However, if human actions or negligence contributed to your injury, you may have options. An experienced attorney, like those at Largey Law, can analyze your case and advise you. Our legal team maintains convenient office locations in Tavares, Inverness and Clermont, FL.

Dog bites are the most frequently litigated animal attacks

When personal injury or premises liability lawsuits stem from animal attacks, the animal is usually a dog.

In Florida, the dog leash laws of various counties require dog owners to maintain control of their pets at all times. In Citrus County, for example, dog owners may not let an animal run wild on any public street, sidewalk or park under Ordinance 2009-A. Dogs can only run free on private property with the consent of the owner of that property.

Furthermore, a dog is allowed on public property only when restrained by a suitable leash and a person of sufficient strength.

Victims of dog bites in Florida should also know that strict liability laws apply to dog attacks. In other words, the victim does not have to prove the owner of the dog did anything wrong to sue. Establishing injuries, in most dog bite cases, subjects the owner of the dog and/or the owner’s insurance company to liability unless certain actions were taken by the owner to protect people from the dog. It is important to hire personal injury attorneys who are familiar with the laws concerning dog attacks and are experienced in handling these cases. The attorneys at Largey Law have successfully handled cases involving dog attacks and other animal attack cases.

Other common animal attacks in Florida

Dogs are not the only dangerous animals in the United States, especially in oceanfront, warm weather states like Florida.

  • Suburban sprawl in Florida means people live in closer proximity to alligators and crocodiles than ever before. During the past 10 years, alligators have killed 13 people in the United States, according to the Florida Museum of Natural History.
  • Alligator attacks are more common than crocodile attacks. No crocodile bite has ever even been reported in Florida.
  • Warm weather swimming can also mean shark attacks. Over the same timeframe, nine shark related deaths have occurred in the United States.

As with dog attacks, shark, alligator or crocodile attacks can form the basis of an injury lawsuit if a human element is involved. For example, the owners of a gated community can be held legally liable if dangerous animals injure people within the confines of that property. Additionally, if a property owner feeds or maintains the dangerous animal, liability may be found. An experienced attorney can examine your particular case and advise you on whether you have a valid claim.

Get the help you need from Central Florida lawyers you can trust

If you or a loved one has suffered an animal attack injury in Central Florida, you need Largey Law to defend your rights. Contact us today at 352.508.1485 or online to schedule a free initial consultation. We can arrange your meeting around your unique scheduling needs at one of our three convenient office locations in Inverness, Tavares or Clermont. Se habla español.