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Inverness Auto Accident Attorneys Provide Aggressive Representation for Victims

Skilled Citrus County lawyers fight to secure full compensation

From its humble beginnings as a saw mill town in the 1860s, Inverness, Florida has developed into a dream community for 7,000 residents and a relaxing destination for tourists. Situated on the banks of Tsala Apopka Lake, with blue waters resembling the lochs of Scotland, the county seat of Citrus County blends natural beauty, historic architecture and modern amenities in a unique setting that fosters healthy, sustainable living. At Largey Law, we are proud of our connection to Inverness and applaud its capital plan that has revitalized the downtown and enhances prospects for future growth. However, that increased activity means a higher risk of accidents that cause severe injury. If you or a loved one are hurt due to someone else’s fault, a car accident lawyer in Inverness at Largey Law can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Attorneys track motor vehicle accident statistics in Citrus County

In Citrus County, there were 1,781 motor vehicle crashes in 2017, injuring 1,382 people and killed 31. These accidents included:

  • 109 motorcycle crashes, which injured 109 people and killed 13
  • 23 bicycle crashes, causing 21 injuries and one death
  • 38 crashes involving pedestrians, resulting in 32 injuries and three deaths
  • 118 commercial truck crashes, accounting for 35 injuries and one death

Notably, the 2017 statistics show an upswing in accidents involving drivers aged 21 to 24, with total crashes up 13 percent and reported injuries up 24 percent from the previous year.

Knowing the most dangerous intersections in Inverness

It may come as no surprise to residents of Inverness that the most dangerous intersections are on U.S. Highway 41, known for its high-volume, fast-moving traffic. Motorists should exercise extra caution when driving through these crossroads:

  • S. Highway 41 and Apopka Avenue
  • S. Highway 41 and Mossy Oak Drive
  • S. Highway 41 and Seminole Avenue

When intersections show a high accident rate, there may be a flaw in design or traffic control that makes them unreasonably dangerous. In such instances, the government entity in charge of the roadways could share in the liability.

Seasoned Inverness auto accident attorney gives important reminders about what to do after an auto accident

When you’ve been in a collision, your first concern should be for your own safety and that of others around you. Get yourself to a place where you’re out of danger. If possible, perform first-aid for anyone injured but do not move them unless an emergency like a car fire leaves no other choice. Call 911 and request police and an ambulance. If you are able, use your cellphone to take images of the accident scene, vehicle damage and bodily injuries. Collect contact information from potential witnesses. Exchange insurance information with other drivers, and ask the police how you can get a copy of the accident report. It’s also important that you proceed to an emergency room for evaluation and medical care, even if you don’t think your injuries are serious.

Finally, contact your insurance company and an accident attorney as soon as you are able. When you make the call to an Inverness auto accident attorney at Largey Law, our team will get behind you immediately, performing a prompt and thorough investigation of your accident and building a substantial case for your recovery.

Contact an aggressive Inverness car accident attorney for professional representation

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motor vehicle crash in Inverness or anywhere in Citrus County, Florida, talk to an Inverness car accident lawyer at Largey Law today. Reach us at 352.508.1485 or contact us online. We can arrange a free consultation at your convenience at our office in Inverness. Se habla español.