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Knowledgeable Lawyers with Specific Motorcycle Accident Case Experience in Clermont, Inverness and Tavares

Our legal team includes experienced riders who understand the laws and issues of bike wreck cases

Motorcycle accidents are different. As an avid motorcyclist, Chris Largey knows first-hand the dangers faced by bikers. Often times, drivers are distracted by texting, eating or otherwise failing to maintain attention to the roadway while driving. As a result of the driver’s lack of attention while driving, motorcyclists and their passengers are placed in peril. Injuries suffered in a motorcycle are often catastrophic and disabling. The financial impact is immediate and overwhelming.

At Largey Law, our seasoned attorneys have experience handling cases stemming from motorcycle accidents. Chris Largey, our founder, is a life-long rider and the proud owner of a 2003 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Springer. As a rider, he is very familiar with the dangers faced by motorcyclists and their passengers. Additionally, he understands the importance of securing fair compensation in a timely manner to protect the riders and their families from the devastating medical and financial injuries suffered from a serious motorcycle injury. If you or someone you love has been involved in a motorcycle accident in Clermont, Inverness or Tavares, contact Largey Law as soon as possible.

What specific laws relate to motorcycle drivers in Florida?

The laws that apply to motorcycle accidents are different from the laws involving automobile accidents. The injuries received are usually more serious and disabling. The financial impact is often immediate and severe. Sometimes, the passenger of a motorcycle can maintain a claim against the driver of a motorcycle for the driver’s failure to follow the rules of the road. All accident cases hinge on the questions of negligence. When fighting for such a claim in court, negligence often depends on whether any specific laws were broken by the accused party. In Florida, motorcycle laws include:

  • The wearing of eye protection
  • The daytime use of a headlight, under Florida Statutes, 316.405
  • Certain exhaust noise restrictions based on the age of the vehicle
  • Prohibition of the motorcycle overtaking and passing a vehicle in the same lane
  • Insurance requirements

Our knowledgeable attorneys can analyze your case and advise you if any laws were violated in the accident in question.

What are the main risk factors motorcycle riders should understand?

Florida has seen a 15.2 percent increase in bike wrecks and a 7.6 percent increase in injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents in recent years. Motorcyclists must always remember that, in addition to the normal risks of motor vehicle accidents, they must be cognizant of specific motorcycle risks:

  • Reduced stability. A vehicle with two wheels is, by its very nature, less stable than a four-wheel vehicle, especially at high speeds, when braking or making sudden turns.
  • Low visibility. The size and speed of motorcycles makes them far easier to be missed by car drivers and to be obstructed from view.
  • Poor protection. A motorcyclist does not enjoy the safety of any barrier between the road and his or her body. Motorcycles also lack seatbelts, airbags and other common safety devices.
  • Specific hazards to motorcycles. Road hazards that might not affect a car can have a huge effect on a motorcycle. Such hazards include wet pavement and trash or any other road debris.

Protect your rights in the wake of a motorcycle accident in Tavares, Inverness or Clermont

If you or someone you love is harmed in a Central Florida motorcycle accident, time is not on your side. You must take measures to protect your rights to secure compensation promptly in the wake of such an accident. The lawyers at Largey Law can help you do just that. Contact us today at 352.508.1485 or online. We can arrange a free consultation in our office, at the hospital or in a location convenient to you. We will work around your specific scheduling needs. Se habla español.


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