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Experienced Premises Liability Lawyers in Central Florida Ready to Help

The knowledge and tenacity to handle any injury claim in Inverness, Tavares or Clermont

Injuries can strike anyone at any time. Sometimes the circumstances leading to an injury cannot be avoided, but often the dangerous condition leading to injury could have been prevented, had a responsible party acted in time. If you or someone you love has been injured on property owned by another person or company, you may have a valid legal claim against the property owner under premises liability law. This complicated area of personal injury law requires an experienced attorney. Largey Law can provide the guidance you need.

Is your premises liability case valid?

The fact that you were injured does not mean you have a valid injury claim. The first thing any reputable attorney does when reviewing your case is to advise whether you have a valid premises liability claim in the first place. The following legal rules govern premises liability claims:

  • The owner or occupier of property must not subject anyone entering his or her property to an unreasonable risk of injury and must maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition. The owner or occupier of property must warn someone on the property of dangerous conditions that they knew or should have known about.
  • The person injured must not have been acting in a dangerous, unexpected or unauthorized way, and the dangerous condition must not be open and obvious to a reasonable person.

Therefore, if an owner failed to correct a safety concern of which he or she was aware and you are injured on that property while using it in a responsible fashion, you may have a valid premises liability claim.

Workers’ compensation can be an exception to this rule. If you are injured at your place of work or in the course of your job, your injury claim would follow the workers’ compensation process rather than the premises liability process.

Proving premises liability can be complicated

Even a valid premises liability claim fails if you cannot prove your case or if you bring your case against the wrong party. Determining the negligent party in any premises liability case usually hinges on:

  • The precise location of the accident.
  • What the lease or business contract says about such liability when it occurs on business property. Either the business owner or the property may be the negligent party, depending on the wording of the contract.

Different rules can apply when the injury occurs in a private residence.

Take the necessary steps to protect your rights in Central Florida

Premises liability cases are complex. If you or someone you love has been injured in such a case in the Central Florida area, talk to the experienced injury lawyers at Largey Law today. Contact us online or at 352.508.1485 to arrange a free initial consultation. We offer three convenient offices in Tavares, Inverness and Clermont and can happily arrange your appointment around your schedule. Se habla español.