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Reputable Florida Attorneys Assert Product Liability Claims in Inverness, Tavares and Clermont

These complex injury claims require experienced guidance

Anyone who designs, manufactures or markets a commercial product owes the people who buy and use that product a standard of care. In other words, the people behind a product can be held responsible if the product injures people who use it as it was intended to be used. This area of personal injury practice is called product liability law, and cases involving product liability can prove extremely complicated. If you or someone you love has been harmed by a defective product, proving negligence requires a steady and experienced legal hand. The attorneys at Largey Law are ready to provide that guidance.

The unique aspects of a product liability case

As with any personal injury claim, the fact that you have been injured is not sufficient to bring a valid legal action. In a product liability case, you and your legal team need to demonstrate four key elements to prove your case:

  • The product was defectively manufactured or designed, or the manufacturer knew or should have known of risks inherent in the manufacture or design and failed to warn consumers.
  • You suffered an actual injury or monetary loss due to using the dangerous product.
  • You were using the product as intended at the time of your injury.
  • The defect was the proximate cause of your injury.

An important concept in these cases is that of strict liability, meaning that you need not necessarily prove negligence or malicious intent on the part of the defendant. Proving that the injury occurred and that the defendant was responsible for the injury using the above criteria is sufficient.

Common examples of product liability cases

Dangerous products come in all shapes and sizes. Nearly any product can lead to a product liability claim.

  • Defectively manufactured product claims must involve a mistake in the actual fabrication of the product, such as poorly constructed safety features on an automobile.
  • Defective design cases involve products that were properly constructed but whose design specifications are inherently flawed. Examples include:
    • Cars whose design leads to frequent rollovers
    • Safety equipment that fails to provide the protection it promises
    • Failure-to-warn cases involve claims where the manufacturer knew or should have known about dangers inherent in a product but did not disclose those dangers to the public.

Sometimes cases that appear to be one type of personal injury claim actually prove to be product liability matters. What appears to be a case of medical malpractice, for example, may actually be the result of dangerous medical equipment. Only experienced attorneys can help you fully understand your case.

Speak with a knowledgeable product liability lawyer today

If you or someone you love has been harmed in a product liability case, you need focused, personalized legal representation to earn the compensation you deserve. In Central Florida, contact Largey Law, where justice is our business. Contact us at 352.508.1485 or online to schedule your free initial consultation. We can schedule your appointment around your unique scheduling needs at any of our three convenient locations, in Tavares, Clermont or Inverness. Se habla español.