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Seasoned Central Florida Lawyers Handle All Types of Injury and Criminal Cases

More than two decades of combined experience representing clients

Largey Law Firm has earned a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced law firms serving Central Florida. With offices in Tavares, Inverness, and Clermont, we provide focused, dedicated and determined representation to our personal injury and criminal defense clients, earning favorable verdicts and considerable compensation. When you hire Largey Law to handle your matter, you can rest assured that you will receive:

  • Personalized service
  • Clear, consistent updates regarding your case
  • The benefits of an extensive network of expert witnesses and medical professionals
  • Aggressive defense to a variety of criminal charges

Physical injuries and criminal accusations can be life-changing events. Our attorneys treat each matter accordingly, no matter the specific circumstances.

Advocating for victims of negligence in a wide range of cases

If you have been injured through the negligence of another, you have the right to hold that person or entity accountable. Our lawyers are experienced and armed with the litigation skills you need to obtain the best possible verdict or settlement for compensation in your case. Reach out to our firm if you have sustained a personal injury or a loved one has suffered wrongful death due to:

  • Vehicle accidentsCar accidents are the leading cause of injuries in the United States. Our attorneys have the skills and experience to fight for full compensation. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you can take confidence in the fact that some of our lawyers are experienced riders who understand motorcycle accident cases. We also have extensive experience handling trucking accidents as well as pursuing claims for boating, bicycle and pedestrian accidents in Florida.
  • Tort liability — Many injuries occur because a person or entity violated their duty to act with care. We represent clients in premises liability cases who have been injured in slip-and-fall accidents, dog attacks, and construction accidents; in professional liability cases who have sustained injuries through medical malpractice, hospital errors and nursing home abuse; and in products liability cases for those harmed by defective products.
  • Wrongful death In extreme cases where accidents prove fatal, surviving family members have the right to file a wrongful death action to recover the financial loss.
  • Head and brain injuries — Any injury can be serious, but those that impact the head and brain often have severe, lifelong consequences.
  • Catastrophic injuries Largey Law attorneys will fight for a recovery that addresses the long-term harm of catastrophic injuries such as burns, birth injuries and spinal and brain damage.

We know all too well that injuries can ruin lives in the blink of an eye. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to manage complex litigation involving expert medical testimony. If you or someone you love has been hurt by a negligent act, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries through a personal injury claim.

Former public defenders and prosecutors dedicated to defending against felony and misdemeanor charges

The lawyers at Largey Law, who are former public defenders and prosecutors, believe in the rights of all people to be treated fairly by the criminal justice system. We offer aggressive defense to a variety of allegations, including:

  • DUI — Our attorneys understand the legal and scientific flaws that might have led to an improper driving under the influence arrest and can challenge the prosecution’s evidence and police procedures.
  • Drug offenses — We can help counter drug offense allegations of unlawful possession, use, and sale of controlled substances and prescription medications.
  • Expungement and sealing of records — For some prior convictions, we can seek to make the record private to improve your career and housing prospects.
  • Juvenile offenses — If your child is in legal trouble, our lawyers will pursue a resolution that is fair and appropriate.
  • Theft crimes — Largey Law attorneys will investigate the charges against you and mount a strong defense if someone accuses you of taking property illegally.
  • Traffic violations — Florida traffic convictions can subject you to tough penalties and even a loss of driving privileges. Our experienced counsel can help you seek a successful result.
  • Violent crimes — Many outside factors might prompt conduct that leads to an arrest for assault, battery or domestic violence. We will help ensure that your matter gets a full, fair review.
  • Weapons charges — Largey Law protects the rights of Floridians accused of crimes involving firearms or other weapons.
  • White collar crimes — Allegations of financial impropriety or other white collar crimes demand counsel who can synthesize complicated issues efficiently. Our experience on both sides of criminal litigation allows us to find the key evidence and present it authoritatively.

We are available to protect your interests even if you are arrested outside normal business hours or require a jail visit. We give you straightforward advice about your options and the potential outcomes. Throughout your case, we answer your questions honestly and promptly.

Get the experienced legal assistance you need in Lake and Citrus counties

If you need legal assistance for a criminal or injury case, call Largey Law Firm at 352.508.1485 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our offices are conveniently located in Tavares, Inverness and Clermont. Se habla español.